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Consensual Slavery

Consensual Slavery – Is it a Myth?

John Locke, who defined slavery as a state of suspended war where one person is conquered and has no rights relative to his captor, also said that no one could become consensually enslaved since they cannot give away what they do not own. You can free yourself from a despot at any time by taking your own life. If fear of your own demise stops you, then you can be enslaved by someone who is willing and able to exercise this threat against you. Because consensual enslavement does not include a threat to one’s life by one’s owner, it cannot be real enslavement according to Locke.

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Psychotherapy and D/s

Webster’s dictionary defines communication as “the act of transmitting; a giving or exchanging of information, signals or messages as by talk, gestures, or writing.” In a D/s relationship communication is vital. So what are the ways to communicate with others so that needs and feelings can be related, but the lifestyle and emotional well-being of both can be maintained? It is important to find, understand and practice the different ways to communicate, keeping in mind a relationship with anyone should be based on honesty, trust and communication. Communication cannot exist without honesty and trust, and honesty and trust cannot exist without communication. If none of these qualities exist in your relationship with someone, and especially in a blossoming relationship with a Dom/me, then there really can be no relationship.

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To Surrender Control

The dance of Dominance and subMission is an act of love in my world. It’s an acceptance of the roles we choose to live by. For some it is learnt…for others it comes naturally…yet others fall into it for a myriad of reasons. It can be as beautifully simple as deeply complex and to expect any less of a lifestyle such as D/s, would be to do it injustice.

On the surface, the notion of giving yourself for pleasure alone…of wanting for nothing more than to serve your Master…appeals deeply for some. It can look idealistically romantic from a distance. But what about within? What drives someone to surrender their control to another human being?

For me…subMission isn’t about being a submissive person full stop. I don’t define myself in terms of dominant or submissive in my day to day life. I am who i am without labels. However, i am submissive to one Man, and He i call Master. To Him i have given my control. Why?

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Psychotherapy and D/s

The decision to seek psychotherapy is often a major one in our lives. It is filled with anxiety, both about our need for psychotherapy and the therapist him/herself. It is not always easy under average circumstances, and certainly becomes less so when an alternative lifestyle is involved.

We recommend finding a kink aware professional whenever possible. There is a level of depth in D/s relationships that is not achieved in vanilla relationships for the most part. There is a level of communication, a level of knowledge and awareness of your partner that people in vanilla relationships tend to shy away from because it is too intense. You need a psychotherapist that understands this.

You also need someone who does not view BDSM as a mental illness. The last thing you need is someone trying to cure you of your perversion. When you visit a psychotherapist that is not kink aware, you are the expert. The psychotherapist, in order to equalize the situation, may attempt to make you feel as if your kink is a perversion and not a lifestyle choice.

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Seven Week BDSM Course

Armory Studios announces 7-week fall BDSM course. Participatory workshops open to all experience levels begin September 5. Kink Company performer and BDSM expert Madison Young is partnering with Armory Studios to lead a seven-week intensive BDSM workshop for couples beginning September 5. The fall course, entitled, “An Intimate Exploration of Dominance and Submission,” will include a series of intimacy labs, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops aimed at couples and triads — whether mildly curious about D/s relationships or well-versed in the lifestyle.

“This is a really unique journey no matter where you are in your experience,” says Young, who has been teaching sexuality workshops since 2004. “Each class builds on the last, and shows how each aspect — physical, emotional, technique, and negotiation — builds on the others.”

Unlike traditional Armory Studios workshops, the classes are not offered a la cart. Instead, Young has designed a comprehensive program with hands-on instruction, readings and homework. The course begins on Thursday September 5, and happens consecutive Thursday nights through October 17th.

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BDSM Events - May 2013

BDSM Events. May 2013. MAY 4. Threshold (USA). Slaves for Passion (Holland). MAY 5. Maison de Sade (UK). The Baroness Fetish Retinue (USA). MAY 8. DomCon Los Angeles (USA). MAY 10. Torture Garden Boat Party (UK). Bound (USA). MAY 11. Bristol Alternative & Burlesque Fair (UK). Misbehave (Holland). Store Event (USA). Club St Andre (France). Torture Garden Birthday (UK). Impulsion (UK). MAY 17. German Fetish Ball (Germany). MAY 18. Club RUB (UK). Club Lush (Australia). MAY 20. German Fetish Ball (Germany). MAY 24. Fetish Factory 18 Year Anniversary Weekend (USA). MAY 25. Kinky Salon: Erotica Noire (Holland). The Gate (UK). Fetish Prom 2013 (USA). SubRosaDictum, official Party to the BoundCon (Germany). MAY 30. New York Fetish Marathon (USA). Lisbon Fetish Weekend (Portugal). MAY 31. Compliance (UK).

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BDSM Events - March 2013

BDSM Events. March 2013. MARCH 2. The Gate (UK). Threshold (USA). Kinky Salon Super-Eros (Holland). MARCH 3. Sadistique (Italy). The Baroness Fetish Retinue (USA). MARCH 7. Texas Latex Party (USA). Club BLack Whip (UK). MARCH 8. Lash (UK). MARCH 9. Impulsion (UK). Club St Andre – Inquisition Party (France). Masqued Mischief Fetish Party (USA). MARCH 16. Latextrem Deluxe (Germany). Torture Garden March Ball (UK). Swish (UK). Liber8 (UK). MARCH 22. Club Decadence (UK). MARCH 23. Club RUB (UK). Imaginarium VI – To Hell and Back (UK). Club St Andre (France). The Gate (UK). MARCH 29. Fetish Evolution Weekend (Germany). MARCH 30. Fetisch-Traum (Germany). Submission – Twisted Circus (USA).

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BDSM Events - February 2013

BDSM Events. February 2013. FEBRUARY 13. HumpDay Coffee and Pie – Louisville Munch (USA). FEBRUARY 15. Valentines Boat Party (UK). Kinksters (UK). Black Unicorn Valentine Fetish Fantasy Ball (USA). FEBRUARY 16. Ritual Valentine Edition (Italy). Club St Andre – Valentine Party (France). Club Libertine (UK). Club Lush (Australia). Torture Garden Valentines Ball (UK). FEBRUARY 17. Discussion Groups (USA). The Tribe (USA). Submission (USA). FEBRUARY 20. HumpDay Coffee and Pie – Louisville Munch (USA). FEBRUARY 22. Bound Rope Jam (UK). Anitchrist (UK). FEBRUARY 23. The Gate (UK). Kink on the River (USA). Cub RUB (UK). Obsession – Candy Shop (Germany). Northbound Leather Fetish Night (Canada). FEBRUARY 24. Newcomer’s Meeting (USA). Brighton Twisted Market After Party (UK). Xtasia Fetish Afternoon (UK). FEBRUARY 25. Velvet Tongue (UK).

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Punishment is not about rape, abuse, or degradation. If you don’t care about your submissive’s pleasure and well-being then D/s is not for you. People who consciously play with power exchange tend to spend a lot more time talking about their likes and dislikes than couples who restrict their lifestyle to scenes. If you are the Dominant in your relationship it is your duty to deal out punishment for the well-being of your submissive and your relationship. Punishment is carried out by the Dominant and accepted by the submissive because of the trust the submissive has for the Dominant. Your submissive will not always use their best judgment and it is then that they look to you for guidance. It is not only the Dominant’s right, but it is their duty to deal out punishment when it is called for.

What you use for punishment depends on your relationship and your submissive’s likes and dislikes. Katrina loves to be spanked and at times tries to push the buttons, egging Dominant on to spank her. For them spanking would never be a punishment. They have a small leather flogger made from thin strands of leather. The leather bites when it kisses. Katrina does not care for the immediate intense pain this can bring so it is chosen by Dom method of punishment. It takes the body a good twenty minutes to start producing its natural painkilling endorphins. (Remember this and go slow when doing a scene). Therefore you want punishment to be swift, not extending it out for hours.

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New Site Sexually Broken

Intersec Studios announce new site: Sexually Broken. Official launch on Friday July 6th!

Intersec Studios are proud to announce the launch of Sexually Broken, a site that is bringing the hottest names in vanilla porn right now, being bound and dominated by the industry’s leading rigger/handler, Matt Williams. Williams explains, “What separates Sexually Broken from other sites of it genre is it’s unique content. The girls are overloaded sexually, forced to orgasms over and over, with out the brutal SM actives of other sites. No crying, no screaming in pain. Forced deep throating and brutal face facings all while bound. The girls get fucked and fucked well. It is a sexaul overload for the girls, never the fake orgasms you see at other site, but REAL brutal orgasms. The girls are sexually wrecked, and sexually broken with pleasure so intense it alters their minds.”

“Matt is a great artist and we are so happy to have him on board. His style will bring a different aspect to our business which will help it continue to grow and ensure our success in the future,” says PD, founder and figurehead of Intersec Studios.

Matt began his professional career with Insex in 1999. In 2003 he left to direct Hogtied, Kink’s Flagship bondage site. In 2008 he became the creative Director for Kink and its almost 30 websites. While at Kink, Matt created the sites Ultimate Surrender and TS Seduction, and was instrumental in developing Public Disgrace. Now Matt returns to the company that first fostered his creativity, style and atheistic, to create Sexually Broken.

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