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Sewing the Palms

Does love really has to hurt? According to artist David Cata it obviously does. He is a multidisciplinary artist from Spain who recently created a series of works where he sewed portraits of people who have left a mark on his life into the palm of his hand. David Cata’s portrait project is both interesting and slightly disturbing, so viewer discretion is advised. He describes his ongoing series, “A Flor De Piel” as an autobiographical diary of which his skin is the canvas. Instead of putting paint to canvas, Cata creates portraits of the people in his life using a needle, thread, and the palms of his hands.

It seems like David chose this bizarre form of art to symbolize union and separation; pain and love in the act of sewing beautiful portraits of people into his palms and then ripping them out. Cata documents this action with photography and videography, imprinting his life story into various surfaces. Each portrait takes about four hours to complete. After completing each picture David picks the needlework out of his hand before starting on the next one.

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Extreme Cultural Body Mods

It is impossible to say who the first people were with stretched ears, or why they did it. Today, many cultures (including our own!) practice the art of ear stretching for many different reasons. Religion, coming of age ceremonies, warding off evil, sexual enhancement and physical beauty are common motivations. However, that just barely scratches the surface as there are many other reasons, as well. People all over the world still practice ear stretching. From the Masai tribes in Kenya to the Huaorani tribe in the Amazon Basin, stretched ears are still a common sight. It is a fascinating testament of human culture that a Western youth can walk into a piercing shop to select stretched ear jewelry while a Hmong youth in Thailand selects from an array of silver tubes.

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Body Piercing

Ring in the nose, chain from ear to nose, ring in the eyebrow, pierced belly button, nipples and tongue piercing, and even clitoris piercing. These are a number of different ways BDSM people choose to decorate themselves.

Though some of these may look interesting and can be seen as a statement of personality, there are many risk factors involved. One of these risks is infection. If the area that was pierced is not cleaned properly, bacteria may get under the skin and an infection could result. If an infection isn’t taken care of immediately, you could get gangrene.

Protect yourself and use common sense and for those travelling the less used routes of Body Modification we hope you are doing it for all the right reasons. The tip besides the obvious don’t go ramming bits of metal through your flesh just anywhere or allowing some idiot that has read four web sites do it either. Because body modification involves breaching one of the body’s main protective barriers, the skin, it brings with it a high risk of infection if done improperly. Risks include hepatitis, tetanus, and HIV, which can lead to AIDS. Less serious local infections can cause illness, deformity and scarring. The risk of infection increases when people perform the body modification on themselves and each other.

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Click here to read more about Needleplay and Piercing

Needle play and piercing have only one single difference in actual activity, in that a piercing is intended to then have an item of jewellery placed in and remain, whereas needles are removed and discarded. On a more personal level however, the differences are vast. Being an invasive activity safety protocols are of course, paramount. (But hey, some of the jewellery is really pretty! It even comes in glow in the dark stuff so you can find your lost subbie in a dark room).

Needle play is sensation play. Depending on the placement of the needles it can range from medium levels, such as on the skin of a forearm, to incredibly intense when used on genitals or breasts. Needles can be placed singly, in pairs, in rows, in patterns. Generally when placing more than a single needle the process is quite quick with many being done in rapid succession. An adrenaline high usually soon follows and the needles are removed as it dips. If only left in for a short amount of time, there is in fact usually very little blood. (Course for those on blood sports and fetishes this can be changed!)

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Tits nailing is a form of SM edge play involving hammering nails through the breast. Of course it hurts much more then play piercing because of the size of the nails, and also the hammering. But it can be done probably with a minimal amoung of pain. It is safe if done with care and forethought, with proper before and aftercare (antiseptic and keeping the wounds clean).

Nailing releases a flood of endorphins. And a lot of the thrill for both sadist and masochist comes from the picture in the mind. There you are held to something by your tits, you can’t move away there is a certain power in this for the sadist, and a total submission on the part of the masochist. There is a particular emotional/psychological dimension to driving a nail through a submissive’s breast or nipple that may be different in its primality and in its intensity from standard needle play, just as there is a difference, even, paradoxical or enigmatic as it may sound, a difference in intimacy, between the typical techniques of standard needle play and pushing a needle full-length into a girl’s nipple from the top or skewering her breast with a longer needle. Remember, it is never done without talk first with your submissive.

The nails used should be smooth and sharp. Infection is the biggest risk here. Therefore the nails used should be very smooth, with no microscopic debris that may be left in the breast. Ridges and twists found in many nails are good places for bacteria and other organic material to linger. Scarring is dependant upon a number of factors including, but not limited to, the particular characteristics of the flesh, any sort of stretching that’s done and the size of the nail. We recomend using small diameter round nails, like finishing nails perhaps (not screw nails).
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Needle play, play piercing or recreational acupuncture is an activity involving placing needles through the top layer of skin, or using needles for temporary piercings for the purpose of enjoying the experience rather than producing a permanent body decoration. Needles are removed from the body when the episode is complete, allowing the wounds to heal. Those who engage in play piercing may do so for self-expression, as a part of a ritual imitating mock tribal cultures, for the purpose of spiritual self-discovery, for sexual pleasure, for simple entertainment, raising awareness or relieving boredom. Needle play is considered edge play – the practice which involves significant risk of injury or physical harm.

Needle play or play piercing is different from regular piercing as it’s temporary and doesn’t involve jewellery. During a scene thin needles are stuck through the skin (close to the surface), possibly manipulated during play, and then taken out afterwards, usually with no lasting marks. It can involve one needle or whole rows or a pattern of them, sometimes laced together with threads. The pain received from a needle is a different kind of pain though. It’s more of a flash and then depending on the part of the body it fades to a dull throb and then nothing. But that initial flash is what draws to it.
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It is the Holidays Season once again. A time of year full of rituals both religious and pagan, a time of thanksgiving, singing and giving. Holidays is characterized by certain rituals that bring memories through out the years. Rituals anytime are repeated ways we go about doing something that has a meaning, or purpose which when done in a specific way or at a specific time centers us in who we are and what we are about. It brings certain spirituality to our lives and brings a joy to the lives of those performing rituals. Rituals bring us back to how we go about doing what we do.

Some people don’t understand the need for rituals in BDSM. This extends to their lack of understanding of other lifestyle facets such as protocols, etiquette, and manners. They simply don’t see what they are missing by not incorporating ritual and practice into the art and form of BDSM. For them it is just a way to spice up the bedroom and add excitement to a relationship or erotic experience.
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A clitoris piercing is a piercing through the clitoris itself. The great majority of women who want them actually want more common clitoral hood piercing, which pierces only the hood of the clitoris. Clitoris piercing is a rare piercing because many women’s anatomies are not ideally suited to clit piercing. And also the act of piercing the clit is often too intense for many women. The piercing that has a primary purpose of sexual arousal would most definitely make sex feel more intense. A few women have written that they have experienced spontaneous orgasms immediately after piercing. This piercing can be extremely sexually stimulating. But hyper-sensitivity usually decreases once the piercing heals and the clitoris grows accustomed to the presence of the jewelry.

There is also an opinion, that clit piercing may reduce the physical sensations during sex. Or even there’s a risk of a chance for permanent nerve damage and losing all sensation of the clitoris. Nerve damage can result from piercing a clitoris that is too small or from piercing through the shaft of the clitoris and through the dorsal nerve. Piercing through the shaft of the clitoris can also result in excessive bleeding and blood loss to the clitoris. But women may remove the jewelry and allow the piercing to heal in order to bring sensitivity back to its original state. Some research suggests that a supposed loss of sensitivity is more likely due to the fact that a woman may become accustomed to the level of stimulation felt with the piercing and does not actually signify a decrease in feeling.
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The Pain Files website offers BDSM video and picture content of torturing slave women. This site promises exclusive content that revolves around needle play, bondage, maledom, spanking, bastinado, electro play, clothespins play, humiliation and some fetishes. That’s really so – all content is 100% exclusive, with most of the models you’ve not seen before.

Let’s look inside the members area. Navigation is simple. The menu options are straight forward: Table of Contents, Pictures and Video Archives, News and Updates. The same choices are in a side menu, with some additional options. You can see the name of every model and the title of every gallery with brief description inside too. Something like that: “09-03-2007 – New Extreme BSDM Video – The Training – Slavegirl Emma – A long exhausing Training session takes Emma through Humiliation and Pain”. The “News and Updates” section presents all the galleries and movies from the latest uploading. There are dates noted anywhere on when the content is uploaded. To see the photos, you need to scroll below the streaming screen to see them. The newest photos and videos presented first in chronological order.
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Needle torture is among the most cruel of all bdsm tortures. Play piercing or needle play is an activity involving placing needles through the top layer of skin, or using needles for temporary piercings. Play piercing can produce an intense natural endorphin high which can last for hours or days and can induce orgasm in many of the people who try it. Play piercing is usually made with thin needles, where the needle itself is left in for the duration of the scene and taken out at the end rather than replaced by jewellery. This article is about the main tools of play piercing – needles.
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