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An Iron Maiden, German Eiserne Jungfrau, otherwise known as the Virgin of Nuremberg – one of the most well-known torture devices and one of the more bloodthirsty torture devices ever invented. A cabinet built with wood or iron, and usually has a small closable opening so that the torturer can interrogate their victim and torture or kill a person.

The iron maiden tortures the body with sharp objects such as knives, spikes or nails. These spikes impaled the victim in the eyes, the chest and the back, different parts of the body, but usually missed vital organs, so as to leave the victim bleeding profusely and in great pain, but still alive for a period of time. The person inside was forced to remain standing in one position, ultimately causing their demise. The victim is weakened slowly and dies of a combination of shock and blood loss, if not asphyxiation. Most victims ended up dying as a result of the torture as a liberal amount of blood often gushed out of their bodies after some time. However, this technique was not used primarily for executions. It is entirely possible that a subject would call out after having spent some time within the iron maiden for relief. This torture device combines physical pain and psychological trauma – all alone in a small space with sharp spikes threatening to kill you from every side.
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Saw (also known as Saw: The Video Game) is a third person survival horror video game with action elements. It was developed by Zombie Studios and was published by Konami. The game launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with a downloadable version being made for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is an adaption of the Saw film series, and was released on October 6, 2009 in North America, November 20 in Europe, and October 6 in Australia. The Microsoft Windows version will be released on October 31, a few weeks following the initial release for consoles.

If being tormented by a crazed killer named Jigsaw as you stumble around a dank, not-so-abandoned old insane asylum filled with freaks and shotgun traps is your idea of a good time, Saw is the game for you. On the other hand, if a highly polished, varied and interesting experience is what you’re looking for, Saw is not it.
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Wired Pussy – this is the largest electricity play website. The main theme – electro-stimulation of beautiful women. Exciting shockings from all sorts of pussy torture devices. The women are forced to submit to electrical dildos and vibrators. The electro-stimulation play inside this site is all about control and forced orgasms. One of the more extreme fetishes around, needless to say this ones strictly for fans only. When most people think about electricity, they think of electrocution. But Wired Pussy is as much about pleasure as it is about pain. This site is filled with scenes involving pussy stimulating, but slavegirls getting their asses, pussies, feet and any other part of the body too! Wired Pussy will show you what the site itself calls “Beautiful women bound and shocked to orgasm!”
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There was silence so thick you could hear your own heart beatincuffsg. Then a swishing sound, but only for a split second. Then pain exploded in my ass — terrible pain, shocking, burning pain. I jerked hard and lost my balance and was suddenly hanging there, my feet dancing in mid-air, desperately seeking the chair as I gasped and made strange croaking sounds.

My feet found the chair and pushed up to relieve the terrible pressure on my neck. The noose loosened, for which I was grateful as I sucked in that wonderful air. I had feared when the noose had been pulled down snug around my neck that perhaps it would not loosen when my life depended upon it. But it did, and I was again standing on that wooden chair in the hot, dusty attic. My ass was still burning but that minor point had been forgotten in the struggle to get back on the chair.
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