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Mummification - Completed Mummy

Whether you’re working with pallet wrap, duct tape, or something else altogether, at some point you’ll have a completed mummy. Then what?

If your wrap is conservative and done with care, your subject won’t be in any discomfort. There will be no rolls digging into the skin, and the overall tension won’t be so great as to cause problems. Combine this with a comfortable temperature, and there’s no reason you can’t play with your new creation for a while.

If you’re working with a duct-tape wrap, you can try cutting holes somewhat smaller than the engorged nipples; when you pull the cotton balls out the nipples should follow. They’ll be snuggly constrained by the small hole, keeping them engorged and sensitive. Bear in mind, though, that the edges of the duct tape can become uncomfortable after a while; if you anticipate a long session, you may want to cut larger holes.

You can also gain access to other parts of the anatomy. A woman’s genital area is particularly easy to work with, thanks to the wrap being away from the skin at the crotch and between the legs. Just carefully cut away a round or square piece of wrap an inch or two across; you can then use a vibrator as shown here… or whatever else strikes your fancy.
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Basic Duct Tape Mummification Techniques

A duct tape mummification is potentially more stringent than plastic wrap. Duct tape doesn’t stretch and is quite strong, so some care needs to be used in applying it. Done correctly though, a duct tape mummy will be just as comfortable as a plastic-wrapped one, but with less ability to squirm about.

A duct tape (or other tape) mummy begins just like a plastic wrap mummy; this is because you can’t apply tape directly to the skin without causing a lot of pain. (Even if your mummy is a serious masochist and you’re a top-of-the-line sadist, this might be more intense than either of you can handle. If you still think you want to try tape directly on the skin, try a very small (and hairy) area first.

Start the plastic-wrap mummy as described in the article Basic Plastic-Wrap Mummification Techniques. Once you’ve completed the overwrap down to the thighs – the point at which you’d help your mummy into a reclining position – set the plastic wrap aside and pick up the duct tape instead.

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Begin by deciding where you’ll create your mummy. A “dungeon” is a natural choice, but so is a bedroom: you can stretch your completed mummy out on the bed and even join him or her for a little intimate fun. Just remember that, once your mummy’s completed (or nearly so), if it’s going to move anywhere you’ll have to transport it… so choose carefully.

Once you’ve decided where you’ll be working, gather what you’ll need. For plastic wraps, you’ll of course need one or more rolls of plastic wrap. How many will depend on the length and width of the roll, as well as the size of the person you’re wrapping. You can do several mummifications with a single roll of pallet wrap, but it might take a couple of rolls of plastic kitchen wrap to get through one session. For duct tape wraps, how much you’ll need again depends on the length of the roll and the size of the subject. You’ll generally use about one and a half average-sized rolls of duct tape. In addition to whatever you’re wrapping with, you’ll need a couple of washcloths or other padding. If you’d like to engage in a little nipple play after your mummy is completed, add a couple of cotton balls and a paper clip… And don’t forget your bandage scissors!

Of course there’s one more thing you’ll need and that’s your volunteer, who also needs to prepare. A mummification scene can easily take 30 minutes to several hours. Unless you want your mummy to suffer, a quick trip to the bathroom before starting is highly advisable!

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Mummification is a specialized form of bondage and sensory deprivation which involves wrapping the subject in some material or combination of materials. Mummification can be either quite severe or relatively gentle and comfortable, depending on the materials and techniques used. Regardless of severity, it tends to be one of the more involved “scenes,” as a full body wrap takes quite a long time to accomplish. But for those who enjoy it, it’s definitely worth the time and effort! Most people associate mummification with full body wraps, but the same techniques can be used on isolated body parts. For example, an electrical tape “head wrap” serves as an interesting and potentially severe hood, while arm or leg wraps can quickly immobilize a submissive.

The general idea is simple: you’re going to make a mummy, rather like what you remember from those old black-and-white horror movies. This is done by wrapping material around the submissive’s body. How you go about it will depend on your goals. For a gentle, comfortable wrap, you could use elastic bandages. If you want this to be more about bondage and helplessness, use duct tape over pallet wrap, wrapping the legs together and the arms against the body. For sensory deprivation, wrap each limb separately before doing an over-wrap… and you might consider inserting foam ear plugs before you wrap the head and cut off the mummy’s eyesight.

Some materials are fairly common in mummification, and they can be broken down into a few broad classes:

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