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Male genital torment, or CBT; cock and ball torture. Male genitals come in such a great variety of shapes and sizes. Each male responds differently to stimulation. I have found a few techniques that are suitable for most any male. I will be going into these and addressing more advanced types of CBT in a future issue.

Most men experience limited stimulation or repetitive stimulation and may find these techniques helpful in creating a more vivid sexual life. My man appreciates it when I bind him to the bed with his legs spread wide and his cock and balls exposed. I like to sit between his legs with my toys within reach. I use both hands to caress him all over his crotch. If you are not partnered, I suggest using latex gloves. I want him to feel relaxed and secure. It is important to communicate with him on what is working and what is not. I stimulate all the areas around his genitals with my hands, purposefully not touching his cock. I enjoy using a light feathery touch to start and build pressure up slowly. The hair is also receptive to stimulation. Stroke it, comb it with your fingers, tug on it. I will stroke his balls and capture them with my fingers at the base of his balls. Then I can stretch and pull them gently, slowly building the pressure. I let my fingertips glide over his captured balls, feeling the skin of his scrotum stretched over his balls. Remember what you hold in your hands and remember that he trusts you. Even though this may be a CBT scene feel free to touch other parts of his body. Tit play fits in nicely with CBT so give his nipples some attention when you play with him.
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Foot binding began late in the T’ang Dynasty (618-906) and it gradually spread through the upper class during the Song Dynasty (960-1297). During the Ming period (1368-1644) and the Ching Dynasty (1644-1911) the custom of foot binding spread through the overwhelming majority of the Chinese population until it was finally outlawed in the 1911 Revolution of Sun Yat-Sen.

There are several legends that endeavor to account for the inception of this custom, one is that the concubine of a Chinese prince named Yao Niang walked so gracefully that it seemed as if she “skimmed over the top of golden lilies.” At that time the “lily footed woman” or a woman with bound feet became the model in China. A second legend says that this concubine, Yao Niang, was ordered to bind her feet so that her feet would look like new moons. A third legend says that women bound their feet out of sympathy for an Empress with club feet. Yet another originating in the Sung dynasty (960-976 BC) in the court of Prince Li Yu, whose favorite concubine who was required to dance with her feet bound, toe-dancing an early variation of ballet, the royal craze moved down the social ladder, eventually reaching peasants who hoped to achieve higher status through smaller feet.
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A UK BDSM club called Collared has taken on Facebook over its total ban on all kink and BDSM pages and groups, and has won a review of the policy. Last week Facebook wrote to Collared to confirm that it was actively enforcing a total ban on all fetish and BDSM content and that all fetish related groups and pages on its site will be subject to deletion without exception.

Collared had sought clarification of the policy followed the removal of the Facebook Collared Events page on February 4th. The Collared page was deleted by Facebook following a complaint from a site user.

However following extensive communication with senior staff of the company Collared has successfully lobbied the Internet giant to review the ban. Facebook is currently engaged in a wide ranging “internal dialogue” to clarify the prohibition and to determine whether a total ban is justified. Collared will be consulted throughout this process.

Facebook has reiterated that the review process will not necessarily result in a reversal of the ban. Instead it may focus on creating greater consistency, clarity and transparency in the enforcement of the prohibition.
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Killian Skarr is a sculptor from Akron, Ohio who creates primitive devices of torture from wood, found hardware and leather using a chainsaw and a blowtorch, among other tools. His art has been seen at a number of shows, most notably the Dirty show 11 in Detroit. His two largest sculptures (weighing together around half a ton and currently crowding out his living room) were featured on stage during the Halloween fetish playland in Cleveland, and will be featured again at the upcoming Organgrinders ball at the Cleveland House of Blues, and at the Dirty Show 12. Let’s enjoy the pure, sexual, arousing and dangerous art from great artist Killian Skarr.

A primitive torture device is a morbidly rendered carapace, designed to achieve maximum psychological disturbance, carved into a form intended for the function of restraint and torture. This device is composed of sinister, organic structures imposed upon wood and leather and metal by the obscure and bizarre methods of Killian Skarr. A primitive torture device is a thing which persists in space and time like a perversion upon this world. But its existence preceded its physical manifestation deep within the insanity of Killian Skarr. An aesthetic is achieved that is dark, organic, and fractal, it is a twisting and arching in skeletal form, and each serves the sadistic function to restrain and torture the human body.
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Breathplay is a form of edgeplay that is a hard limit for some BDSM players. However it comes in many forms and you may find a variety you enjoy. This article discusses the various forms of breathplay, risk and safety and how breathplay feels.

There are many ways you could break down these forms, below breathplay is devided into three categories.

– Compression of the carotid arteries

– Compression of the trachea or wind pipe

These two are often combined, for example when trying to stop bloodflow in the carotid arteries you may be applying pressure to the trachea.

Throttling with the hands and strangling with a rope share the same risks however when using the hands pressure can be controlled more easily. A hanging scene is more dangerous again with the subs body weight applying the pressure to the neck, tip toes will work as well as being off the ground. First the sub needs to be firmly on the ground then the rope removed. You cannot trust that you will be able to remove the rope with your hands. Always have EMT scissors ready. Never drop a sub into hanging as this could damage the spinal cord.

If the purpose is to reach unconciousness a stranglehold is very effective and can achieve this in roughly three seconds. This is much more comfortable for the sub.

– Other play that restricts airflow

Hand over mouth – putting your hand over a partners mouth during sex is probably the most common form of breathplay. The hand can form a tight seal with the option of blocking the nose to increase the intensity. This is a good place to start for beginners to breathplay especially in the missionary position where the Top can watch the bottoms reactions.
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Reviewing porn sites is always a pleasure – the best job in the world, we’d even say. The whole thing gets even more appealing when the sites that you get to review are really hot. Just like

In fact, even though the name of this resource clearly states that you will be offered to enjoy BDSM stories here, there will be something even bigger available for your entertainment. The point is that also spices its fiction works up with a good deal of free BDSM galleries. In other words, you will not have to use your fantasy all the time when you are at this site and when you are reading its stories. The will be some visual aids to complement the whole thing, you know what we mean.

Basically, is a typical blog, though a blog dedicated to a bunch of very untypical things. Straight BDSM and male BDSM, brutal CBT, BDSM humiliation and, on top of it all, stunningly perverted and stunningly arousing fiction dedicated to soapy enema punishment. Well, what we say is that here you are very likely to find something that will match your taste no matter how exquisite it is.

We don’t think we have got any reason to suspect of supplying non-exclusive stuff – at least when we talk about the stories. The quality of free pics supplied is something that deserves an additional description – all of them are high-resolution ones and… well, the work of the camera guy gets tons of praise from me here. All the angles, all the poses are picked so blamelessly.
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Wax play is a form of sensual play involving warm or hot wax usually dripped from candles or ladled onto a person’s naked skin. Hot wax in sex play is used to increase adrenalin and thus arousal. It is a very distinctive and unique sensation. Very intense, but concentrated in a very small area. Hot wax applied improperly is dangerous. Using the wrong melting point wax and/or not checking temperature of the molten wax can result in up to third degree burns, requiring immediate attention by a physician.

The first and most apparent danger with hot wax play is burns. Candle wax for BDSM play should not cause burns. The exact temperature of a candle flames depends on the material being burned. Different waxes will have different flame temperatures. On average, the maximum flame temperature will be about 2550 deg F. The degree of heat of the dripping wax varies depending on the materials from which the candle is constructed.

There are many different types of candles available. Use plain 100% paraffin candles, these burn at a safer temperature for hot wax play. Beeswax is the hottest. Avoid beeswax candles. Beeswax burns at a much higher temperature than plain paraffin candles and can cause burns. The melting point is much higher than human skin can comfortably deal with. Some experienced players do use this type of candle. It can cause second or third degree burns. Avoid beef tallow candles. Wax made from animal fat can be extremely hot and cause burning. Avoid candles with metallic colors. These often contain poisonous metalic salts. Avoid candles with metal wicks, metal wick can drip hot molten metal on the submissive. Avoid scented candles. Scented candles burn at a higher temperature and may cause scalding. Perfumes, hardeners, and other additives can, and have, caused serious allergic reactions.
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“Dare… to Try Bondage” by Axterdam is part of the new Dare series on sexuality published by Hunter House. This book is recommended to those who want to know and/or try bondage. Bondage is not without danger, and yet it opens the door to dramatic new pleasures. Whether a complete newcomer or a seasoned bondage expert, sexual adventurers can use this guide for simple, necessary instructions, scenarios, techniques, and advice. Including chapters on shibari (the Japanese art of knot-tying), appropriate equipment, conducting a satisfying session, and what sensations to expect, this guide is a comprehensive resource for both men and women who are seeking sexual liberation and pleasure through restraint. Those who are shy to go into the sex section of bookstores to learn and read about bondage, well this is the book for you.

It is a quick read and teaches almost everything you wanted to know about bondage. What is nice about this book is that there are illustrations and background information the author gives, including personal experiences. The author wanted to share his knowledge with his friends and more so he wrote this very interesting book. The author gives background information from personal experience. He wrote it for his friends in mind, who kept asking him questions.

French artist and author Axterdam’s illustrations of the Japanese rope-tying art of Shibari, also known as Kinbaku, bring to life the simple yet visually striking patterns of “beautiful bondage.” Axterdam is well known in the world of amateur erotic imagery; his drawings are considered inspirational in the universe of fetishism. He published his Carnets d’un obsede (Notes of an Obsessive) in 2003.
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Stockroom University Hosts Social Celebrating A Decade Of Mr. Los Angeles Leather During L.A. Leather Week 2010. The Stockroom, Inc – one of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers of bondage gear and fetish wear – is throwing a meet and greet social celebrating 10 years of Mr. Los Angeles Leather contests on Thursday, March 25th from 7 till 9 pm at the company’s headquarters on Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake. The event kicks off a new series for Stockroom University, the company’s ongoing education program, and is part of the power-packed L.A. Leather Week 2010 schedule.

Guests attending the mixer in Stockroom’s stylish retail space can meet and rub shoulders with former and current leather title-holders while enjoying cocktails (and sexy bartenders) from MJs in Silverlake. They’ll also be able to smell, fondle and play with the premium leather and rubber gear The Stockroom is famous for. And they’re invited to take an exclusive tour of Stockroom’s design studio and production floors – which are upstairs from the Sunset Boulevard storefront – to see how the company’s signature handcrafted leather restraints, slings and gear – and the couture-quality latex rubber fetish wear Stockroom offers through subsidiary Syren Latex – are made.

The Decade of Mr. Los Angeles Leather social is free and open to anyone over 21. For questions about the social, please contact Stockroom’s Los Angeles retail store anytime between noon and 10 pm at (213) 989-0334.
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The CineKink Film Festival in San Francisco (November 19–21) is a one-of-its-kind film festival exploring various forms of alternative sexuality. This sex-positive festival culls the most erogenous, fleshy, smart, libidinal, and artful titles available, from fetishes to painful BDSM torture porn. BDSM, transsexual sex and all manner of kink, major movie chains are not exactly lining up to show these kinds of works. CineKink founded in New York by Lisa Vandever, a New Jersey-based writer and producer. CineKink San Francisco, a touring version of “the kinky film festival,” which is held annually in NYC. Cutting across orientations to celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality, the six screenings in this traveling showcase range from documentary to drama, camp comedy to hot porn, mildy spicy to quite explicit – and everything in between.
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