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Z BDSM - The best BDSM website with tons of BDSM videos! Here your darkest dreams come true. Submissive sluts are dominated with very rough sex and bondage. The needle play, rope suspension bondage, piercing, breath play, stress bondage, whipping are the most intense you'll ever find. If you are looking for very hard BDSM porn where girls are boun
If you are going buy something to add to your ToyBox perhaps it is wise to buy quality rather than quantity. A flogger with no balance and made from inferior leather that turns to the consistency of dried spagetti after one use is hardly a good investment. "Oh but it was cheap" I hear you say, "and easily replaced". Well after you have replaced it a c
Consensual Slavery - Is it a Myth? John Locke, who defined slavery as a state of suspended war where one person is conquered and has no rights relative to his captor, also said that no one could become consensually enslaved since they cannot give away what they do not own. You can free yourself from a despot at any time by taking your own life.
Webster's dictionary defines communication as "the act of transmitting; a giving or exchanging of information, signals or messages as by talk, gestures, or writing." In a D/s relationship communication is vital. So what are the ways to communicate with others so that needs and feelings can be related, but the lifestyle and emotional well-being of both
I hate articles that give basic dictionary definitions for things that can't be defined in mere words alone, but I'm going to anyway. If we take the meaning of "true" as "fully realised or fulfilled", and merge it with "submit" as meaning "to yield onself to the authority or will of another", we have a concept of a person who has fully realised or ful
The dance of Dominance and subMission is an act of love in my world. It's an acceptance of the roles we choose to live by. For some it is learnt...for others it comes naturally...yet others fall into it for a myriad of reasons. It can be as beautifully simple as deeply complex and to expect any less of a lifestyle such as D/s, would be to do it injust
Thoughts on switching and switches is quite the scandalous subject. Some believe that within this lifestyle, one takes on either the role of the top or the bottom. That there is no way possible for one to switch from a sadist to a masochist at the blink of an eye. They say switching is comparable to those that are bisexual. Being that those who claim
Does love really has to hurt? According to artist David Cata it obviously does. He is a multidisciplinary artist from Spain who recently created a series of works where he sewed portraits of people who have left a mark on his life into the palm of his hand. David Cata's portrait project is both interesting and slightly disturbing, so viewer discretion
The decision to seek psychotherapy is often a major one in our lives. It is filled with anxiety, both about our need for psychotherapy and the therapist him/herself. It is not always easy under average circumstances, and certainly becomes less so when an alternative lifestyle is involved. We recommend finding a kink aware professional whenever poss
Armory Studios announces 7-week fall BDSM course. Participatory workshops open to all experience levels begin September 5. Kink Company performer and BDSM expert Madison Young is partnering with Armory Studios to lead a seven-week intensive BDSM workshop for couples beginning September 5. The fall course, entitled, "An Intimate Exploration of Dominanc
BDSM Events. May 2013. MAY 4. Threshold (USA). Slaves for Passion (Holland). MAY 5. Maison de Sade (UK). The Baroness Fetish Retinue (USA). MAY 8. DomCon Los Angeles (USA). MAY 10. Torture Garden Boat Party (UK). Bound (USA). MAY 11. Bristol Alternative & Burlesque Fair (UK). Misbehave (Holland). Store Event (USA). Club St Andre (France). Torture Gard
According to ER doctors, getting foreign objects stuck in your anus is surprisingly common. The items on this list are weirder than most, however. We've gone beyond the "usual" bottles and dildos to bring you these truly bizarre items that have all been found lodged in peoples' bums. Something tells us that they didn't really slip and "fall" onto thes
It is impossible to say who the first people were with stretched ears, or why they did it. Today, many cultures (including our own!) practice the art of ear stretching for many different reasons. Religion, coming of age ceremonies, warding off evil, sexual enhancement and physical beauty are common motivations. However, that just barely scratches the
My girlfriend and I read your site, and I have you to thank for being comfortable enough with my kinks to tell her about my interest in BDSM. She has indulged all my kinky fantasies and discovered some of her own. Our latest adventure has her locking up my dick in a CB-6000 male chastity device. The play/sex has been super-fun so far, but we want to b
When we consider some of the various barbaric practices that were commonplace in the lives of our ancestors, we tend to look at them with a judgmental eye - thinking of them as uncivilized, and downright savage. Most of us would even admit to wondering if our violent predecessors, like those who relished the bloody gladiator games or those who condone

We represent to your attention some extreme movies of torturing pussy. We will regularly show to our readers a similar material with BDSM photos and movies. You can click on the video and download it to your computer.

In the today’s gallery painslave China placed in a chair with widespread legs, exposing her pussy for spanking and torture. The dark slavegirl screams in pain as the metal clamps bite into her pussy lips and nipples. She has metal clamps and heavy weights attached to their pussy lips. Yes, the cute mysterious painslut has her pussy lips and nipples metal clamped, pegged and pulled by extreme weights.
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Reina Nevraumont was bound by her hands and feet and hanging from the ceiling. So far, so good. A devotee of San Francisco’s BDSM scene, Nevraumont was attending the Power Exchange sex club, then located on Otis Street; her male companion had strung her up with her consent. Then, unexpectedly, the ceiling bolt to which she was attached broke loose and she crashed to the floor face-first, shattering her jaw.

The Power Exchange, run by eccentric former mayoral candidate Mike Powers, has been in the news a lot lately. After more than a decade operating quietly on Otis, the club was hooted down by neighbors when it attempted to relocate to Gough, and more recently opened up shop in the Tenderloin — only to be shut down for fire-code violations on Sept. 11. The club’s troubles have caused an outcry from public-sex enthusiasts, who see Powers’ travails as evidence that prudery is on the rise in self-consciously sex-positive San Francisco.
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An Iron Maiden, German Eiserne Jungfrau, otherwise known as the Virgin of Nuremberg – one of the most well-known torture devices and one of the more bloodthirsty torture devices ever invented. A cabinet built with wood or iron, and usually has a small closable opening so that the torturer can interrogate their victim and torture or kill a person.

The iron maiden tortures the body with sharp objects such as knives, spikes or nails. These spikes impaled the victim in the eyes, the chest and the back, different parts of the body, but usually missed vital organs, so as to leave the victim bleeding profusely and in great pain, but still alive for a period of time. The person inside was forced to remain standing in one position, ultimately causing their demise. The victim is weakened slowly and dies of a combination of shock and blood loss, if not asphyxiation. Most victims ended up dying as a result of the torture as a liberal amount of blood often gushed out of their bodies after some time. However, this technique was not used primarily for executions. It is entirely possible that a subject would call out after having spent some time within the iron maiden for relief. This torture device combines physical pain and psychological trauma – all alone in a small space with sharp spikes threatening to kill you from every side.
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In any era, having land and money grants privileges. Here, in a hidden oasis, the rich play their games, and they are not the games the common folk play. If you are rich enough, you may purchase young females – quite against their will, of course – and do with them as you wish. If that includes turning them into ponygirls, forcing them to race against each other like horses, and to pull their Masters around in carts, just as real horses do, then so be it.

More than the indignity of being turned into ponies, there is the bite of tight cords and the kiss of the whip upon bare flesh to constantly remind them of their status, and to encourage them to run their fastest. Terrible and painful are the punishments handed out by harsh Masters, to those who falter or fail.
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It will be a question about Locking Wrist Cuffs. You can make cuffs out of leather you buy. A set of wrist cuffs doesn’t take a huge amount of leather and just requires a leather punch a razor knife, and a hammer and hard surface as tools.

You will need about 9-10″ of leather for each cuff, about 2″ wide. If you are making them for a female sub, you can make them shorter. What you actually need, is the wrist measurement, plus about 3″ If you are going to line them, you might want to add another inch.

You will also need the two part rivets, the hasp (?) part of a lock set (what I mean is the part with the ring sticking up that you pull the other piece over then padlock.)
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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (CN) – A University of New Mexico professor was pressured to resign as director of the creative writing program after complaining that a colleague was a dominatrix in sex-for-pay, bondage-themed Web sites featuring photos of at least three graduate students, the professor claims in Santa Fe County Court.

Sharon Warner claims David Jones, head of the English department, asked her to investigate whether allegations about professor Lisa D. Chavez’s sex-themed Web sites were true.

Warner says she checked out various Web sites and verified that Chavez and two graduate students were phone-sex workers for various sadomasochistic and bondage Web sites, including Photographs showed Chavez and the students “portraying various S&M sexual activities,” the lawsuit states.
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Saw (also known as Saw: The Video Game) is a third person survival horror video game with action elements. It was developed by Zombie Studios and was published by Konami. The game launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with a downloadable version being made for the Microsoft Windows platform. It is an adaption of the Saw film series, and was released on October 6, 2009 in North America, November 20 in Europe, and October 6 in Australia. The Microsoft Windows version will be released on October 31, a few weeks following the initial release for consoles.

If being tormented by a crazed killer named Jigsaw as you stumble around a dank, not-so-abandoned old insane asylum filled with freaks and shotgun traps is your idea of a good time, Saw is the game for you. On the other hand, if a highly polished, varied and interesting experience is what you’re looking for, Saw is not it.
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There are a lot of rules for doing bondage, but here are main Rules of Bondage that should never be broken!

1. Communication. The most important rule of all. Always keep communication open! Make sure you always know what is going on with your Victim. If you do not communicate you will for sure have problems. Every tie is different and works different on every victim so communication is key to learn and progress with your bondage play!

2. ALWAYS have a pair (as in two) of EMT shears with you at all times. They only cost between 3-7$ and easy to find, I get mine from You can get EMT shears from medical stores or pharmacies, Rope or SHARP shears from mountain climbing supply or hardware stores. Also Hook knives are great for cutting rope and slicing off mummification materials. Never do any kind of bondage without having safety equipment on you. It can save a life!
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Wired Pussy – this is the largest electricity play website. The main theme – electro-stimulation of beautiful women. Exciting shockings from all sorts of pussy torture devices. The women are forced to submit to electrical dildos and vibrators. The electro-stimulation play inside this site is all about control and forced orgasms. One of the more extreme fetishes around, needless to say this ones strictly for fans only. When most people think about electricity, they think of electrocution. But Wired Pussy is as much about pleasure as it is about pain. This site is filled with scenes involving pussy stimulating, but slavegirls getting their asses, pussies, feet and any other part of the body too! Wired Pussy will show you what the site itself calls “Beautiful women bound and shocked to orgasm!”
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There was silence so thick you could hear your own heart beatincuffsg. Then a swishing sound, but only for a split second. Then pain exploded in my ass — terrible pain, shocking, burning pain. I jerked hard and lost my balance and was suddenly hanging there, my feet dancing in mid-air, desperately seeking the chair as I gasped and made strange croaking sounds.

My feet found the chair and pushed up to relieve the terrible pressure on my neck. The noose loosened, for which I was grateful as I sucked in that wonderful air. I had feared when the noose had been pulled down snug around my neck that perhaps it would not loosen when my life depended upon it. But it did, and I was again standing on that wooden chair in the hot, dusty attic. My ass was still burning but that minor point had been forgotten in the struggle to get back on the chair.
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